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Cumin Seeds


A typical spice in Eastern cuisine and one of the most important ingredients in curry powder. Available whole (caraway) and in ground form.


Try it with lamb, pickles, pulses, especially chickpeas and lentils, pastirma, mincemeat, soutzoukakia and all Eastern dishes.


Ideally combined with allspice, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, as well as ginger, paprika and turmeric.


Specifications: Europe 99% / Europe 99.5% / Singapore 99% / Singapore 98%

Purity (Machine Cleaned): 99% / 99.50% / 99% / 98%

Admixture: 1%Max / 0.5% / 1%Max / 2%Max

Total Ash: 9.5% Max

Acid Insulable Ash: 1.75%Max

Flavour: Aromatice with a penetrating flavour

Salmonella: Absent/25g

Volaile Oil: Min.2ml/100g

Moisture: 10% Max

Packing: 25/50 KG PP BAGS

Container Load[13 MT / 1 X 20? Container]