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Fresh KESAR Mango (Gir Region)

Mangoes are hand-picked from our Organic farm located in the Western region of the country in Gujarat (Saurashtra Peninsula, Gir Forest Region). Kesar Mangoes has a Beautiful Aroma and a subtle Color which makes it one of the most preferred varieties in the Beverage and Ice Cream industry.


1. For maintaining Highest Quality Standards, State-of-the-art pack houses have been set up in major production zones.

2. Keeping in view the different country requirements, internationally recognized treatment facilities like Hot Water Treatment, Vapor Heat Treatment and Irradiation Facilities have also been set up at various locations across the production belt.

Unique product Identification system, Compliant to the traceability networking and Residue Monitoring Plan has been developed for the consumer safety and readiness to product recall in case of any emergency.

Health: •

Indian mangoes come in various Shapes, Sizes and Colors with a wide variety of Flavor, Aroma and Taste. The Indian mango is the special product that substantiates the high standards of quality and bountiful of nutrients packed in it. •

A single mango can provide up to 40 percent of the daily Dietary Fiber needs – a potent protector against Heart Disease, Cancer and Cholesterol build –up. •

In addition, this luscious fruit is a Warehouse of Potassium, Beta- Carotene and Antioxidants.