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Kesar Mango Pulp

Kesar Mango Pulp

Mangoes are hand-picked from our Organic farm located in the Western region of the country in Gujarat (Saurashtra Peninsula, Gir Forest Region). Kesar Mangoes has a Beautiful Aroma and a subtle Color which makes it one of the most preferred varieties in the Beverage and Ice Cream industry.

 Process:

1. Mango Pulp is prepared from selected varieties of Fresh Kesar Mango.

2. Fully matured Kesar Mangoes are Harvested, Quickly Transported to the Mango Processing Plant, Inspected and Washed.

3. Selected High Quality Kesar Mangoes go to the controlled Ripening Chambers;

4. Fully Ripened Kesar Mangoes are then Washed, Blanched, Pulped, Deseeded, Centrifuged, Homogenized, Concentrated when required, Thermally Processed and aseptically filled maintaining Sterility.

5. The Preparation Process includes Cutting, De-stoning, Refining and Packing.

6. In case of aseptic product the pulp is Sterilized and Packed in aseptic bags.

7. The refined pulp is also packed in Cans, Hermetically Sealed and Retorted.

8. Frozen pulp is Pasteurized and Deep-Frozen in plate freezers.

9. The process ensures that the Natural Flavor and Aroma of the Kesar Mango is retained in Kesar Mango Pulp.

 Different Uses of Kesar Mango Pulp:

A. Mango Pulp/Concentrate is perfectly suited for conversion to Juices, Nectars, Drinks, Jams, Fruit Cheese and various other kinds of beverages.

B. It can also be used in Puddings, Bakery Fillings, Fruit Meals for children and Natural Flavors for Food Industry, and

C. Also to make the most delicious Ice-Creams, Yoghurt and Confectionery.


• Indian mangoes come in various Shapes, Sizes and Colors with a wide variety of Flavor, Aroma and Taste. The Indian mango is the special product that substantiates the high standards of quality and bountiful of nutrients packed in it.

• A single mango can provide up to 40 percent of the daily Dietary Fiber needs – a potent protector against Heart Disease, Cancer and Cholesterol build –up.

• In addition, this luscious fruit is a Warehouse of Potassium, Beta- Carotene and Antioxidants.

Specifications Attribute

Kesar Mango

Appearance: Uniform, Homogeneous, Smooth & any Other Foreign Matter

Aroma and Flavor: Prominent Aroma of Naturally ripens Keasr Mangoes, Free from any Fermented & Off-flavor, and Scorched or Caramelized flavor.

Taste: Typical sweet acidic taste of natural ripe Kesar Mango.

Color: Golden Yellow


A-10 OTS CANS: 3.1kg (OR 850gms OR 5kg) Cans x 6 in Master Catron Box, Net Weight 18.6 Kg per carton

Aseptic Bag in Drum: Aseptic fruit purees are available in (215 +/- 2 kg) bags in drum

Load-ability: 1000 cartons in a 1 x 20 feet container, Aseptic Bag 80 drums per 20 ft container palletized or non-palletized.

Shelf Life: 24 Months