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A single medium-sized Potato contains about half the daily adult requirement of Vitamin C. Other staples such as Rice and Wheat have none. Potato is Very Low in Fat, with just 5% of the Fat content of Wheat, and 1/4th the calories of Bread. Boiled, it has More Protein than Maize, and nearly Twice the Calcium.

Potato is the 4th most Important food crop in the World, with annual production approaching 300 Million Tons. More than 1/3rd of the global Potato Output now comes from developing countries, up from just 11% in the early 1960s. CIP has played an important role in this shift, providing resource-poor farmers with a range of new technologies and Potato breeding lines specifically designed for developing-country conditions.

We deal in following Potato varieties :-

Jyoti (Suitable for Wafers & Table)

Lovkar (Suitable for Wafers & Table)

3797 (Suitable for General Products)

LR - (KA22) (Suitable for Wafers & Table)

Chips Sona (Suitable for Wafers & Table)

Wafers size Potato is available in size of 45 mm to 90 mm and as per requirement also. We can grade at any size as per requirement.

Specifications of Potato

Color: Off White, Yellowish

Variety: Small & Big size

Weight: 50mm & Above

Self-Life: 25 days from date of packing

Unit Price: Per Metric Ton

Packing: 5, 10, 25, 50 kg Mesh & Jute Bags

Minimum Order of Quantity: 1 x 20 FT container (13 MT)