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Edible Grade Salt (Food Grade)

We provide our customers with various Grades of Salt for the Edible market. Supplied to various Packers and Suppliers, it is marketed under the name of our own brand, Nature?s Farm.

Extremely beneficial to Human Health, our edible grade salt is used in numerous food related industries like Bakery and Confectionery, Cereals, Dairy Industry, Pickles and Cereals. Our edible salt is marketed under the name of Nature?s Farm.

Kinds and Helth benefits of Salt:

Iodized Salt

Iodized Salt has many health benefits. Many people reside in Endemic Goitrous the World. These people can be victims of goiter and suffer from different forms on Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD), unless they take precautions. Iodized salt is used for the prevention of goiter. Goiter can lead to mental retardation, which has a negative effect on one?s performance. Use of iodized salt is considered the easiest and the cheapest source of Iodine.

Fluoridated Salt

Fluoridated Salt is fortified by adding measured amounts of Sodium Fluoride in dry salt. Our in-house quality assurance guarantees that the production of Fluoridated salt is up to the mark according to our TQM programs. This salt is beneficial for Oral Health, since it prevents Tooth Loss and Decay. Proper intake of Fluoride can help us in the prevention of such diseases.

Table salt

Simple table salt has a great number of uses. Double Fortified salt with Iron and Iodine is available in two grades. We have developed the process and now double fortified salt with Iron and Iodine is available in two different grades.